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A consortium of secondary and post-secondary schools, community and government organizations, focused on networking, collaborating, inspiring and creating opportunities for students to achieve college success.

11-10-2020 Meeting

Link to the recording
CCN Training Catalog
Just the Basics, Am I A Victim
DVSA Hotlines in Western PA

College Success Forum 2020 Presentations

Agenda (pdf)
Keynote:  Lessons from the Journey (pdf)
Getting Familiar With 2018 Tax Returns for FAFSA (pdf)
Addressing the Skills Gap (pdf)
Foster Youth (pdf)
Majoring in Money (pdf)
PACAC Admission Practices (pdf)
Scholarships at the Pittsburgh Foundation (pdf)
ACT Presentation (pdf)
Students Helping Students (pdf)
College Board Presentation (pdf)
Demographics and the Demand for Higher Education (link to book)

College Success Forum 2019 Presentations

It’s All About Our Students (pdf)
How America Values and Pays for College (pdf)
Career and Wellbeing Initiative (pdf)
How to Support Minority Students (pdf)
Pending Legislation in Higher Education (pdf)
Positive Social Media for the Recruited Student Athlete (pdf)
Public Student Loan Forgiveness (pdf)
Pittsburgh Promise (pdf)
Working Across the Table – Admissions and School Counselors (pdf)
Career and Wellbeing Initiative (pdf)
College Affordability Academy (pdf)
A Strong Case for a Career in the Trades for Men AND Women
11-19-18 PACAC AP Powerpoint (pdf)

College Success Forum 2018 Presentations

Campus Cupboard Study (pdf)
First-Generation College Students (pdf)
Harvard Math (pdf)
Inflection Point 2017-18 (pdf)
K12 Guidance Plan (Chapter 339) Implementation (pdf)
More Than Dollars For Scholars (pdf)
Needs Assessment of Collegiate Food Insecurity in SW Pennsylvania (pdf)
PA 529 (pdf)
The Powerful Effects of Body Language (pdf)
Preparing for the SAT and ACT (pdf)
Public Service Loan Forgiveness (pdf)
So…You Want to be a Nurse (pdf)
Value of Pre-College Programs in the Admissions Process (pdf)