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    We are currently looking at our scholarship structure and how we award scholarships to incoming 1st-year students.


    1. Are you using college entrance exams or high school GPA to determine eligibility for 1st-year scholarships?
    2. If not by GPA or Entrance Exams, how do you determine your awards?
    3. If the student is admitted with one scholarship but the final transcripts come in and are higher or lower than where the student was at time of admission, do you adjust either up or down, or do you leave the scholarship at what was offered originally.
    4. If you are awarding on college entrance exam, do you adjust if the student goes up or if they present higher sub-scores that would push their average up?


    Leo Hertling
    Director, Financial Aid
    East Stroudsburg University

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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