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    Good morning PASFAA members!
    I wanted to start this thread to discuss how schools are processing professional judgement submissions due to COVID-19.

    There has been discussion in the various forums, web chats and webinars offering various perspectives on processing (when to process, response time, etc.)

    Please feel free to share your process in this thread.

    Saint Francis University — our office is collecting information at this time but choosing to hold processing until financial pictures offer more clarity. At this time, it is difficult to process PJs since the final outcome is not clear (length of unemployment, financial incentives, etc.)

    Thank you,

    Shane Himes
    Director of Financial Aid


    The University of Scranton is also seriously considering how best to handle PJ cases resulting from reduced income due to COVID-19. Like PHEAA and many schools, we normally require a waiting period (two months for us) before considering estimates of calendar year income (2020 expected to replace 2018 FAFSA income). We also normally require verification of FAFSA base year income. Like many, we expect many more requests for 2020-21. We are trying to determine all of the provisions of ED guidance and CARES Act. I know some colleagues are considering following PHEAA’s reduced income procedures, which is to make an initial determination and follow up late fall to obtain a more precise estimate. We are continuing our discussion and would appreciate seeing other’s comments on Forum.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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