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    Robin Hall

    This forum could be a really great tool to communicate with each other – whether it would be questions, answers, ideas, or just frustrations with a current process!

    Keep an eye out for the Spring PASFAA Post coming out soon! See you at Spring Training!


    This is wonderful, Robin. Thanks for using the PASFAA Forum!

    Robin Hall

    Stay healthy and safe everyone!
    I will try to pass on as much information from NASFAA News and other sites as best as I can.
    Please stay in touch –

    Robin Hall

    Does anyone use a texting platform to communicate with students? If so, could you tell me who it is and some pros and cons about their product?
    We are considering doing this as it gets much better responses (so we have read and heard anyway) than emails or phone calls to students. We don’t want to spend a fortune since we typically have less than 500 students a year.
    Your feedback and input is greatly appreciated!

    Robin Hall

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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