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    Rebecca Schreiber

    A virtual meeting place for members of the Graduate & Professional Schools Sector. Questions, concerns, and comments are welcome.

    Daniel Wray

    This is terrific, Rebecca. Thanks for creating this virtual meeting place!!!

    Rebecca Schreiber

    Sector members – kindly glance over the Graduate tab on our Resources Page ( and let me know if the resources listed under your specific area (med/law/dental/veterinary/etc.) are still valid and complete. If you have suggested changes please note them here or email them to me at! I’d love to help get this section of our site cleaned up so it’s a greater benefit to all of us.

    Rebecca Schreiber

    Hello G&P Sector! I would like to hear how you’re dealing with special financial requests during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please consider sharing your insights or questions below.

    1. How are you spending the CARES Act funding? If you are part of a larger University, have your students been allotted funds, and have you been given guidance on disbursal?

    2. Did you have other financial resources through which you have been able to make emergency awards?

    3. Has your institution made any special adjustments to your standard summer processes in the wake of the pandemic?

    4. What other emergency aid issues are on your mind?

    David Eber

    Thanks for posting these questions Rebecca. I have shared my answers below…

    1. We are part of a larger University and our grad students have been allotted funds, but we are waiting for further guidance on disbursal as of now.

    2. We did make use of federal work study and the university’s emergency loan program (Division of Student Affairs funded). Our alumni have also be solicited for support to aid students with their cost of living expenses over the summer, while they pursue required internships.

    3. We are 100% online for classes this summer and have a limited course schedule. We have not made changes to the financial aid processes for summer.

    4. None

    Rebecca Schreiber

    David, thanks for your responses! I’ll add mine below. They are similar to yours, though now I have the benefit of hindsight!

    1. The University created a committee to decide upon the use of the funds. I was not involved in the conversation, but I was very pleased to see that a majority of my law students ended up qualifying for a first-round CARES Act grant. We required that a 2019-2020 FAFSA be on file, so there were some students who missed round 1 awarding – but we did remind them to submit a FAFSA in quite a few places, so this is an unfortunate lesson in the real-world consequences of not reading emails. They are able to apply for funding in a second round of awarding, which will begin soon.

    2. We have an internal emergency loan fund (which is need-based), an internal emergency grant fund, and we applied for and received an emergency grant (which is to be fully disbursed to students) from AccessLex. Administering these awards took the bulk of my time in March and April, but I was glad to have resources available to support struggling students.

    3. We are offering (online) summer courses for the first time in years, in large part because there was student demand when internships were cancelled. So the whole process for summer is new to me – but I think it’s the standard process for the University.

    4. Will we need emergency funds in the fall? As summer goes by, will more students be reaching out because their savings are gone? I’m concerned.

    Robert Foultz

    Hello Folks,

    Any schools with a Physicians Assistant Graduate program who would be willing to share tips, info, loan programs, resources, etc. please contact me at It is very much appreciated.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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