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    LaSalle University

    I am surveying for my Provost to find out if there are any schools that are choosing to implement the new GE regulation early and stop the reporting and disclosure. I appreciate if you would comment if you have chosen to implement early. Thank you!

    Jennifer Houseman
    La Salle University

    Robin Hall

    I am!
    Robin Hall, Reading Hospital School of Health Sciences

    Debra Woodcock

    We have gone with early implementation.

    Our school’s ECAR application had already been submitted for review and re-certification during the time the E-Announcement came out. ED emailed me before the application was re-approved to ask if we were early implementing. The same day we got the email we had a meeting to discuss whether or not we wanted to early implement. We already had everything done that was required under the regs with the exception of the annual report that is due October 1. During the meeting it was decided that we would early implement. So, we identified the action items that needed be completed in order to remove all GE disclosure information from everything and generated meeting minutes documenting the decision. Because our ECAR app was open for re-certification we needed to actually provide ED with documentation of our decision, so I sent them the minutes. We also had to remove the GE certification statement from question #69 of the application and re-submit it. The very next day the ECAR was approved and we had a new PPA to sign. Had we not been under re-cert at the time, the meeting minutes would have been all we needed to document our decision.

    Deb Woodcock
    Lancaster County Career & Technology Center

    Messiah University

    We are early implementing, as is almost everyone else in the nation. NASFAA has a ‘Poll The Pros’ out on this showing that over 92% of respondents (as of 7/19) are early implementing. They also addressed this topic, including how to document, in episode 113 of Off the Cuff:

    Greg Gearhart
    Director of Financial Aid, Messiah College
    Phone: (717) 691-6007
    FAX: (717) 691-2349
    Financial Aid Office
    Messiah College

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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