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    We have a student who is currently getting the runaround from USCIS with regard to her Asylum Status.

    She has presented us with her documentation from time of entry showing she was granted Parolee status as of May 2018 “Paroled pursuant to 8 CFR 212.5.

    According to ED https://studentaid.gov/understand-aid/eligibility/requirements/non-us-citizens a Parolee is aid eligible if they present an I-94 and she is in country for other than a temporary purpose. We don’t have the I-94 and student says that USCIS has her passport.

    We have the SAVE report which tells me next to nothing. “Application Pending” “Employment Authorized – temporary Employment authorized”

    I’m thinking the student is eligible for TIV aid but would appreciate hearing from someone with more experience with USCIS than I have.


    East Stroudsburg University

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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