Financial Aid Consultant for Clock-Hour Program

Financial Aid Consultant for Clock-Hour Program

Job Description:

Position Description: The function of the Financial Aid Consultant shall include working with the Practical Nursing Program Coordinator in activities related to the administration of Federal Student Aid for the Practical Nursing program.

Financial Aid Administration duties are split between the Financial Aid Consultant and the Practical Nursing Program Coordinator.

Financial Aid Consultant can complete some duties remotely.

Financial Aid Consultant Duties:

  • Review program practices regularly to ensure compliance with current regulatory requirements.
  • Manage, certify, and reconcile all Title IV Loans and Grants, and the PHEAA Targeted Industry Program, including but not limited to:
  • Ensuring students meet all eligibility requirements as defined by the program.
  • Calculating student eligibility based on the cost of attendance, budget for the loan period, enrollment, and other financial aid awarded.
  • Manage all aspects of the federal verification process including reviewing, updating, and correcting data as needed. This includes but it not limited to:
  • Tax/income/asset data, household size, clarification of dependency, change in marital status, resolving conflicting information, Unusual Enrollment History (UEH), Statement of Educational Purpose, reviewing & updating new ISIR transactions.
  • Utilize professional judgment and documentation provided to complete reviews for Special and/or Unusual Circumstance requests to evaluate if the federal need calculation on the FAFSA can be adjusted. If applicable update the appropriate FAFSA data elements, send corrections, and adjust financial aid as necessary.
  • Attend appropriate training seminars and conferences sponsored by state, regional, and national professional associations, and agencies.


 PN Program Coordinator Duties:  The Coordinator will provide counseling and will assemble student financial aid files for Financial Aid Consultant use.

Financial Aid Counseling

  • Meet with accepted students, prior to enrollment to orient to financial aid processes in general and at Eastern.
  • Verify Title IV eligibility on NSLDS.

Assemble student financial aid file with documentation of:

  • Identify Documentation (Driver’s License, Social Security)
  • Direct Loan Entrance Counseling
  • Master Promissory Note
  • Financial Aid Application
  • Verification Form
  • Federal Income Tax Return
  • Loan Request Form
  • Citizenship or Greencard


  • Access edExpress and print off student ISIR’s for Financial Aid Advisor review.

Eastern Center for Arts and Technology Practical Nursing


• Previous experience in FSA program administration in clock-hour programs. • Previous experience using edExpress, FAA Access, COD, NSLDS, PHEAA.


Please contact and/or send resume to Carol Duell, MSN, RN - PN Program Coordinator at or 215-784-4819

Application Deadline:

until filled

Accept Electronic Resumes


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