Student Financial Specialist

Student Financial Specialist

Job Description:

Note: 2 positions available – one with a focus on billing/student accounts and one with a focus on financial aid processing

Under the direction of the Director, Student Financial Services, the Student Financial Specialist collaborates in the development, implementation and delivery of financial planning (including Federal, State, institutional, and private financial aid as well as areas surrounding billing and payment options) in a learner centered environment that contributes to the success of the College’s support services. The Student Financial Specialist will possess knowledge of applicable Title IV Federal Regulations in addition to Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency regulations. The primary responsibilities of this position are to work collaboratively with staff in the Division of Academic and Student Affairs to ensure student success by providing timely financial aid, including, but not limited to, awards, loan certification, verification, etc., proactively monitor student accounts to reduce the student receivable, establish a greater financial awareness through literacy programs, and improve processes for both students and staff all within a learner centered culture. This position delivers a seamless financial planning process that meets the needs of students and that is sustained throughout their career at PA College.

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Position Requirements: High School diploma required; Bachelor's degree with a major in business administration, public administration or related field preferred; Two (2) years of increasingly responsible experience in a post-secondary financial aid program; Billing/Student account experience; Strong verbal and interpersonal communication skills; Extreme attention to detail.


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