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Invoice Payment Options

Following are instructions for various payment options available to PASFAA members. You MUST have your invoice number(s) to make a payment.

  • PASFAA accepts Visa, Mastercard and Discover. Have your invoice number(s) available and click the button above to process your credit card payment.

  • Pay by Check
    Please include a copy of the invoice with your payment. Mailing instructions are included on all invoices.

  • Refunds
    Specific policies for refunds are listed with each event. Dates and amounts may vary and final decisions are at the discretion of PASFAA.

For payment or refund inquiries, contact:

Kelly Liocano, Treasurer
Assistant Director
Student Financial Services
Mercyhurst University
16 West Division Street
North East, Pa 16428
Phone: 814-725-6269
Fax: 814-725-6375

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